Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My daughter's graduation from college

My daughter's gradutation from boot camp.

As a mother our jobs are to raise our children to be self-sufficient, and ready to go out into the world and be successful. Well, I did do that. Now I'm not sure I'm ready to let them go! My sweet daughter did running start, that is were she did high school and college at the same time. OMG she did so well. A week after she graduated she left for the Navy. She is so strong and determined, I wish I had half of her strength and brains.
Now my son goes off for his junior year of college, he is doing a dual major of Physics-Engineering. I will only have one child left at home. My career as a stay at home mom is about to be finished. This has been one of the most rewarding careers of my life. Yes, I loved aviation, I actually wanted to be an airline pilot, but ya know, motherhood was and is far more exciting than I could ever have dreamed.

Here's the key, "When you know who you are and recognize the gifts you have been given, it is easy to make an impact on the world. Yet, when you can see potential in others and play a role in helping them grow..... it is exponentially rewarding."


  1. You are and will always be their awesome mom!!! I can't even begin to imagine your feelings right now. I still have awhile to go before all of mine are out of the house. The kids are terrific so hope you can take peace in that:)
    Love the quilt you made for Katie, it is really amazing!!
    Love you all:)

  2. Wow .......awesome smart kids that you raised......it really is wonderful to stay at home with them! Now it's time for you.....I'm in the same position as you....I miss that time too.... I am spoiling the youngest one though!