Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is my son at about 3 wks. old. I was 32 when I had him.

This is that same boy at 22 yrs. old with his dad.
   When my son was born I bought him a journal, I even had his name engraved in gold leaf on the front of it. Inside, I wrote my thoughts and my love for him, even how we named him after my father and his father, so he would do good deeds and follow in their footprints of good works.
   I have sat and read this journal today. My eyes are full of tears at how time has flown and what a wonderful child he has always been.
   I remember how when he was  little and  still on a bottle, how he would take me by my hand, and walk to the couch then crawl up in my lap for his nap. This was done EVERY DAY!! Being an older mother nothing else seemed important enough to not stop everything I was doing, and sit down and cuddle with my little guy.
   Now, that little guy is about to go off into this big ole world and finish his college degree. Where did all the time go?


  1. I was a stay at home mom with all 3 daughters & loved those with one in her second year of university, one in her last year of high school.... I wonder too..... It does go by fast! My youngest is in grade 7 & this is my last year at that elementary school that I have been a part of for 14 years!
    What a wonderful idea to keep a journal of your thoughts & beautiful way to name your son!

  2. My eldest will be turning 22 as well. She's in Denmark working on a Masters Degree. Sometimes, it feels like a whole lifetime has gone by since the day she entered our world, other times it feels like yesterday. Here's a cyber hug for your tears shed today >:D<