Saturday, July 30, 2011


This is a Dresden Pattern that I chose for my quilt. Here is the center of the quilt.

Here I have cut out the blade for the small blades. There is actually around 150 small blades to this quilt not including the medium and large blades! Here I have also inverted the blades to make the points.

After I cut out the blades, each little blade was sewn with a 1/4 seem along the top to create the point of each flower.

19 different small blades are then sewn together to make flower. THEN I place it on a 5" square and top stitch around each of the 19 blades.

I wanted to make this for my daughter, so she could always feel like her parents are there with our arms around her. It is only a twin size quilt, but let me tell ya "I HAVE TAKEN ON A HUGE PROJECT!"  Those small blades sewn up are only  1/2 inch wide and about 3 inches long. Over 150 of those at that size! What was I thinking?!

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  1. Glad to see you back......I have missed your posts! I can see that this beautiful quilt has kept you busy! It is truly beautiful & what a lovely sentiment for your daughter.