Monday, June 13, 2011


Katie made her sister's B.D cake. This was her first time using fondant. The fondant comes packaged in a block that she then rolled it out.  With an edible spray paint she painted it pink, then she cut zebra strips out of edible paper. Megan LOVED it. So did we. 

This was her second try, and her hardest yet. She had to cook  5 different cakes, only 4 were used. One of those cakes only made it to the garbage can. The cake was made for her friend who is also going into the Navy in Aug. She will become a fire fighter for them. So on the top of this cake will be a red fire truck.  Katie braided some of the fondant to make a rope, then cut out of the edible blue paper for her anchor.
 My sweet girl only has 9 days left before she goes off to boot camp! We are on the count down.


  1. Wow looks delicious! So awesome for the first!

  2. Denise, I knew you'd like it. The pink cake looks like something you and your girls would like. Too cute.

  3. Great job!

    I just ordered Buttercream Fondant to use when I make the 4 tier cake for my son's wedding party in July; will make sure I post pics of the finished product. This newer fondant is supposed to have a much better taste than traditional so, we'll see. I plan on rolling it thin to put over my own buttercream icing.

    Keep your fingers crossed!


  4. Good luck there Patty. That is hard stuff to use. And honestly when we cut the cake, I have to scoop out my piece of cake, because I can't stand the taste of fondant. But they can make some beautiful cakes. Let us know how the buttercream taste.

  5. Ok my comment made here......yeah!