Monday, June 6, 2011


This is my daughter with the  Cessna 172 airplane we flew in.

I love it here where we live. We can see Mt. Rainer  everyday that we don't have clouds. (Which is not very much.)

We flew over the Space Needle. As you can tell we were only a few hundred feet from it.

This is a view from the Tacoma Port area, looking toward Seattle, WA. This was only about 1300 hundred feet up.

 Seattle, WA
We only have a couple of weeks left, before my daughter is off into the big ole world. I wanted to take her flying and show her the view from a small plane to see the area. We have flown alot in the big airliners, but small planes can get closer and go slower to really see things. So I took my girl out for  a "joy ride". At first she was a little nervous, but said after the takeoff  she actually enjoyed it. I've always considered myself a good pilot, so that makes me happy.


  1. This is awesome! Too cool. And great shots :)

  2. That is SO cool! What an amazing thing to be able to share with your daughter!

  3. Hi Margie......came by for a visit & noticed none of my comments were published on your posts! I did comment....especially on this post with your daughter! I have been having problems with my blog lately & i am starting a new blog because of issues with this one......anyways..... I too thought it was awesome that you took your daughter out! Great experience & some mother daughter time.

    Take care!