Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We went out golfing Sat. with some friends, to a golf course nearby called High Ciders. Look how massive this tree is compared to the men, and the golf cart. I love this tree.

After the first 9 holes you drive by the club house. But, on this day they were sitting up for a wedding so we actually had to drive through the center isle to get out to the 10th hole. How funny is that!

This is MY ball on the 12th hole.

And this is how much further I drove it over everyone else. Go Margie, Go Margie, it's my birthday, it's my birthday. And of course, I'm doing my dance thing as I'm singing this.

This is an eagle's nest, right in the middle of one of the fairways! They said last yr. there was 3 baby eagles in their.

This golf course had wood engraved surprises through-out the course. Here is a mother bear with a cub. They also had wooden eagles carved around different areas too.

Don't you just want to go pet these furry little geese!

Momma, and Papa would not allow that! But look how close they are to our cart path. They don't even move when you are 3 ft. from them.

Now here we have a mother duck with 12 of her babies! I tell ya, this was like being at a Zoo. I actually hated hitting my ball sometimes for fear of hitting one of the many babies around.

Are these not the cutest things. I can't tell you how much new life we saw at this golf course.
 We had such a great day golfing: Sunshine, I played well, good friends,  beautiful surroundings, sweet new life everywhere. Good times, good times.


  1. This place is gorgeous!! I would be so distracted by all the critters! I love that you love golfing too. We went for the first time this year yesterday. The weather was beautiful, but the golfing, maybe not so much.

  2. Such beautiful photos.....I dance to that song too lol!

  3. Great pictures! That last photo reminds me of the book "Make Way for Ducklings" - ever read that book with your kids?

  4. I know! I went golfing with my menfolk and there were critters everywhere -- nearly whacked one those cute bunnies with my line drive in the bushes. Great pics -- my son asked me "are you going to golf, or take pictures?"

  5. Mandi~ it was way too fun. I wish all us girls could get together for a golf day.
    Texa~ each time you play seems to get better. By the end of the summer you'll be a pro.
    Denise~ ok together now. Go girls, go girls, its our b.d. Move it now. Swing those hips!
    Sarah~ no I haven't read that one. My kids are past letting momma read to them. LOL
    Georgia Girls~ Tell your son you can multi task very well, thank you. LOL

  6. Actually I meant when your kids were little. I remember reading it when I was little :)