Monday, May 23, 2011


It's that time of year again. ASTRA a local Theatre group here in my area  has started the new production for this years preformance of "Joseph King of Dreams."  I'm on the set production right now and boy it is ALOT of work. We work  four to five times a week, putting in 4-5 hrs at a time, working on the sets.

At one of the meetings the director asked for something that a child could run around on the stage with and pretend to be a goat. She suggested we design and paint a piece of wood. Then we talked about maybe a wall quilt of sorts. Then Nancy, the set director,  had brought a head of a lama puppet in, and as I looked at it, I thought "you know, bathrooms rugs could be used for the material of the goat, add some horns to the head of the lamb, cut and rework the head and we might just have what we need."

 So here is my final prop. Took two tank bathroom rugs, sewed together. Cut down lama neck, and used  remaining piece to make a tail. Added horns. Tah Dah! One goat to be placed over  the back of a child on all fours playing like a goat. Pretty good, huh?

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  1. Good, how about great!! I would have never thought to use bathroom rugs, but soooo perfect for this. You will have to post more pictures as ya'll get more stuff done for the production!