Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keys and Hotels

We had two different hotels while in Paris, one was 80 euros a night, and the other was 215 a night. We decided to spend five nights on the East side, and five on the West side. Our first hotel was in Place D'Italie.   It didn't have A/C with this room, but because of the time of year we really didn't need one, it was just plain and simple. One night in Paris while at this hotel  I  got sick to my stomach from some rich food that I had eaten earlier. Needless to say, we were rushing back to the room. As we got to our door Katie was doing her best to hurry, but the key was the old fashion metal kind that you inserted into the lock and then you had to turn it around and around two times to either lock or unlock the door.

The next morning as we were getting ready to leave I asked Katie if she still had the key, she said no you have the key, I replied no because it was she who was trying to get the door opened the night before when I was having stomach problems. Katie dumps out her purse on the bed, gives it a good shake and then says "See I don't have the key." So I dumped my purse out thinking maybe she put the key in my purse, only after shaking my purse do I look at her and reply, " I don't have the key either." Now we are looking at each other like no, Oh... So we went through our luggage, shaking our bedding, and down on the floor crawling on our hands and knees looking for the key. At this point I decided I'd better go down and talk to the front desk, as I opened the door, guess what? There was our key! In the lock! It had been there all night long, and during that night we heard people coming and going past our door. So I would have to say this was a very safe place to stay.

Twin beds. And I loved our window view.
Another view from our window.

Clean and everything worked well.
Our second hotel was right by the Arc De Trompre Etoile, in fact everyday we walked by it to get to and from our hotel. This room did have A/C, and the building was an actual old mansion that had been renovated into  a hotel. Katie and I felt so 'French' here. Now the key at this hotel was  a plastic card that you just touched the door key and it automatically opened, then you would have to put the card into a slot by the door that would allow the electric in the room to work. One day after sightseeing, we returned to the hotel and upon  reaching our door  we stand there looking at each other and I inform Katie she has the key, and she's like no you have the key mom. I once again dump my purse there in the hallway and no key! So I go downstairs and ask for another key card, and the guy is so sweet, "oh don't worry about it, it happens all the time."  Later that night Katie was getting something out of her purse and guess what? Yep, Katie had the  key in her purse. For the rest of the trip I was in charge of the keys, that way we never had to ask "who has the key".

This had a double bed. We didn't have a pick of twins or not.
More modern bathroom

Free mini bar  which was restocked daily. 

Beautiful Courtyard.
Locations on both hotels were the same to the Metro. Each one was clean, and everyone that worked at these hotels spoke good English and where just a sweet and helpful as ever. So I guess you have to decide how much you want to spend for rooms, because we loved all the people from both hotels, and loved spending time in each location it would be hard to decide which one we'd go back to.


  1. Great reviews! You made me lol....I was the one losing the key cards & my 14 year old was way more responsible! The view from your room is beautiful & that photo of the courtyard with splashes of red.

    1. I guess the 'key' to not losing your key is to have a designated key holder. LOL