Friday, October 25, 2013

Art And Paris

Painted by Giovanni Paolo Pannini
I tired to get a detail pic of some of this painting here.

I know, I know, the Mona Lisa is supposed to be greatest piece at the Louvre, but this was my favorite. I wish I had a better picture. Maybe if I had taken a decent camera with me to Paris instead of using my camera off my phone, you would be able to see and appreciate this amazing painting. I actually went into the gift shop at the Louvre asking if they had a print or picture of this that  could be purchased, only to find out they did not have anything. What a disappointment for me, because this is just amazing to me how he painted hundreds of little faces, each with a different expression on its face, and each body was in a different position. One of the men painted into this  even was sitting there reading a book, and when you looked at this little book he has actually painted a bit of scribbles like words across the pages. Look at the difference in the clothes, hats, and hair colors, some of the men are even balding. This thing had the most  minute details in it. I could have spent an hour or more just trying to discover all the little secrets in this.

Katie loved this one, because the little boy on the right had tears coming down his cheek, she thought it looked like someone had put a clear liquid on it, because it looked just like a real wet  watery tear.

The Lovers by Rodin
Who wouldn't love this. Through out my life I have always loved sculpture. So everything Rodin did I love.

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  1. Great that you even got to take pics! We were always told "Non".
    I scored that awesome Singer Featherweight at an Antique shop in Langley....the owner got if from an estate sale where the machine had been sitting in an attic for 25 years! I made a video about it but blogger is being stupid & I am having problems loading it.