Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My brother sent me this email.  I wish the whole world could see this, there are so many things to be learned from this young man. THIS VIDEO WILL TOUCH AND PULL AT YOUR HEART.

Two little Iraqi boys are born with birth defects in the midst of the chaos of war, and thrown away in a shoe box. They are found, somehow; and an Australian woman goes to Iraq, adopts them, and brings them home. Now, about 17ish years later, the older boy Emmanuel lives his dream by appearing to sing "Imagine" on the X-Factor audition. Talk about staring unbelievable adversity in the face and climbing above it!!! WOW!

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  1. Saw his awhile back. It truly is amazing. Hope for the hopeless. Wonderful mother in so many ways.

  2. thanks for sharing Marjory.....btw.....I added my photos that blogger deleted of my pom pom dress.......I remember too thats how we became blog friends! :)