Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This was truly a labor of love making this. I now have one more quilt to make for my son's dorm room. I just want my kids to feel like mom and dad are with them, holding them when they curl up in their blankets.
The color of the blades look brownish here, but they are actually red with gold in them


 Each end of the quilt has a red strip of material and I placed four stars in each panel. The white pattern here is the star I used to trace around. (I pulled the star off the Internet.)

I also added anchors to the boarders. This is actually the same  anchor pattern my daughter used for her Navy fondant cake. I just pulled it off the computer  then traced around it also with tailors chalk.

If you look closely at the curved piece of binding I used a decorative stitch
 to sew it down to the quilt.

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