Monday, May 9, 2011


Yesterday was a great day. Every mother should have this kind of day.

My youngest daughter is taking a culinary class at school, so she got up and made breakfast, oven baked blueberry maple stuffed french toast, with shirred eggs . WOW. You could have gone to the finest restaurant to have such a breakfast. The table was set with my bumble bee doll and flower candle holders. And for a special treat, she made a chocolate heart. My other daughter made a cake for after dinner that night. Talk about a day of food, and calories!

No dishes, no cooking, or cleaning, with delicious meals. An afternoon of movies. What more could a mother wish for?

Oh, this is a little piggy my youngest daughter made from the lemon she used in the french toast.


  1. Now, that's just incredible! What a beautiful breakfast you had. I'm stuck up there on that picture of the french toast because it looks and sounds so scrumptious!

  2. AW! I love the lemon piggy :) What a brunch she served!! Sounds delicious. Ok, I don't even have kids yet, but when I do, I am making them go to culinary school so they make me some yummy goodness like this! Glad you had a great Mother's Day!!

  3. What a great day of spoiling! LOVE the piggie, too cute!

  4. Oh my word you are loved! What were the movies, may I ask?

  5. TexaGermaNadian: Kids are also good for child labor work. I didn't have my kids until my 30's, so take your time.

    Luster Canyon: Always good to hear from my home state hommies! LOL

    Mandi: Yes, my sweet family made me feel like queen for the day. We watched "The Dilemma", it was not what I thought it would be, but we all loved it. Then we also watched "The Tourist". It was excellent.

  6. I also wanted to tell you all, my daughter that made the piggy loved all your comments. She had a grin from ear to ear. Thanks!