Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Scars Should Be Worn With Pride.

“Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going.”

I've always held to the belief that the (I would like to change this sentence to be-- that people who explore by some means find their light out of the dark.) As teenagers, as adults, as people – we are all at one time or another on a journey to find clarity through chaos, peace through turmoil, calm through storm, safety through fear and doubt. The path on which we traverse is not easy. We don’t generally give up, though. We keep going. And, why? Because the promise of good over evil, of happiness over sadness, of healing over illness, is too great to ignore. It is the light we’re all of us trying to reach in whatever way we can. And as we make our way through the ills, the doubts, the hindrances, the barriers, the pain, the ugliness, we become stronger. We survive. We grow. We share our stories so others don’t feel so alone, so we don’t feel so alone.

The scars of living a life can be enormous, overwhelming, desperate. I hold to the notion that it’s these same scars that, if handled gently and allowed to heal properly, can become our personal roadmaps to finding ourselves to be braver, stronger, better prepared than we ever thought imaginable. Better prepared to be mentors, parents, healers, lovers, storytellers – in a position to share our lives with others in order to secure for our world the sense of hopefulness, of right, of kindness and human connection that is so essential to our future.

This is just a part of a blog by Emma D. Dryden. I have so many times related almost word for word these exact feelings. As I look back over my scars, I realize they have made me who I am. My life has been an adventure. Now, I want to share some of those adventures with others, in my writing of children's books. You don't have to let the scars dictate who you are and where you can go.

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