Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Year Ago Today.

   One year ago today my sweet mother passed away from breast cancer. Living here in the Pacific Northwest, and mom in Arizona was hard because I was not able to be there helping with her everyday needs.
   For Mother’s Day last year, I flew down to spend it with her. My brother and his wife drove down from Utah, and my other siblings lived there by mom. So it turned out all her kids were there for her “day”. I knew that this would be my last time of celebrating her as a mother, wife, and woman. She had raised four children in a God fearing home. She came from a wonderful heritage of strong, good, honest, hard working people.
   I always say I’m orphaned now. With both parents gone, there is no one to call and tell all the funny things my kids did. Or tell them a joke I know they’d love. I still need my mom with cooking! When I can’t remember recipes or how long something is suppose to cook for. No holidays to share with them. It is selfish of me to want my mother to have lived longer. No one wants to see someone they love suffer in pain. Dad died of pancreas cancer ten yrs. before mom. Now they can be together again. But darn it! I still want my mommy and daddy.
   Yes, I will remember this day forever. One more scar for me. This one is still tender, but with time it will heal, and I will continue to grow, and maybe I just might grow up.

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