Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To Eat Like A Parisian, And Look Like One Too

Hot goat cheese salad
We shared this for dinner one night.
How do the French people stay so thin when eating croissants, baguettes, macaroons, cheese, crepes, and drinking lots of wine on a daily basis? I think I know......stairs, stairs, more stairs,  some bicycling, and add lots of walking.
I read an article before going to Paris that said if you wanted  look 'French' buy a baguette, then eat the end off of it as you leave the boulangerie  (bakery) while it was still warm. They weren't kidding, as we walked around  Paris we saw so many baguettes with the tops eaten off of them.

 A plate with a sliced baguette, a variety of cheeses with some dried meats would actually be a course during a meal.  Now here in the US we are told to watch our carbs, cheese is fattening, and sugar is a treat that we can have only once in awhile.

I think I live in the wrong country, because I love breads, cheese, crepes and while we were in Paris I ate and drank like them and I did not gain one pound. In fact Katie lost four pounds! So how does that happen?!


The stairs! And all the walking we did. Every day we were climbing at least 1000 steps a day. I'm not kidding, just going in and out of the Metro's you climb a couple hundred  stairs. Every building we visited had hundred's of stairs. The elevators in Paris are only big enough for one person at a time, or two, if you like the other person. We found it faster and easier just to climb the stairs, even at our hotels, the first one, we were on the fourth floor and on the second floor at our second hotel. If you take an elevator you can sometimes have a wait. Katie only used the stairs, me..... if by chance an elevator was just sitting there waiting for me, I would use it.
I  loved the hot goat cheese salad we had in Paris, so when I got home I tried to remake it for my family. Turned out yummy, I changed the regular walnuts for candied pecans. I also made crepes which turned out divine. So I guess if I want to eat these wonderful foods, and not gain any weight I will have to park my car, walk more, and always take the stairs.

This is my try at the hot goat cheese salad
My homemade crepes.

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  1. The food is also so fresh, baked each day with minimal chemicals too & of course the walking.....that I liked! Good for you to recreate the hot goat cheese.....love!