Wednesday, July 11, 2012


  You know when you have packed up the camping gear? Or in our case stocked up the RV trailer, traveled all day, set up the campsite, and then you have to make dinner for all the hungry mouth's?

Well, here is the easiest fastest way to feed them. And the best part is there is hardly any cleanup.

Can of chili beans
Bag of Fritos (Individual bags)
Sour Cream
Bag of shredded cheese
Bag of shredded lettuce
Chopped up tomatoes, onions
Hot sauce

 Each person opens up a bag of Fritos, add some warmed up chili beans, cheese and any other thing they want to choose for  toppings. Give them a plastic fork, and WALLA! Dinner is served. When finished, NO DISHES!!


Used the Bisquick recipe for short-cakes. I only made enough bottoms for the amount of people. Then with the remaining dough I rolled it out about an 1/8" thick. Then used my miniature star cookie cutter and cut out little stars, brushed canned milk over the top and added the blue decorative sugar  to them. I baked them at 325 for about 10 min.

1- bag of the frozen mix berries, add  sugar over the frozen fruit, shake and place in refrigerator.

Add cool whip topping, and you have a nice cool desert.

My family loves this meal. I love it too,  not only because it does taste good, but it is so easy.

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