Tuesday, July 31, 2012


   When our kids were young I would plan many summer activities with them. (Mostly things that were free) Yesterday,  when our little petty officer called home, we sat around talking on the speaker phone with her, and were talking about all the fun things we used to do during the summer months. One of their favorite things to do was the library reading program, where they would get little prizes for reading so many books. (Sticky hands were their favorite) I was always sorry when school had to start again, because we would always have so much fun.  
   As the kids got into the teen it actually got harder to find things to keep them entertained during the summer. Each kid had such opposite interest, and those interests always cost money.
   This summer we have taken our trailer and traveled around the Pacific Northwest area discovering a slew of new and interesting places; but we still we have moments where the kids get bored when we are here at the house. The best part about having teenagers is that they are "usually" able to entertain themselves. Our youngest child who is very artistic found a site on the Internet that showed different ways of using makeup.
   She found a picture where they had used toilet paper and glue to deform faces, "naturally" this was a light bulb moment for her and off she went to create her own Zombie look.
   I love being a mommy, my kids now keep ME entertained during the summer.  Funny how life turn out!

All this was done with toilet paper,glue, and her makeup kit.



  1. That is a great look for you megan!

  2. I could soooo see you doing this with her. I remember you stuffing your clothes a few times. You guys are so much fun. Yah keep a mother's heart young.

  3. Hey, maybe Megan has found her calling! I think being a Hollywood make-up artist would be a spectacular career. Has she ever seen that reality show that's a contest for the best make-up artist? (Can't remember the name, go figure.) Oh, I think it's 'Face-Off.' She should watch that if the world of incredibe make up effects interests her. Night, Margie!

  4. Wow that looks so real! I know what you mean about the summer with teenagers.....I only have my youngest around now so it's kind of nice to do thing together without all the fights when there used to be 3 of them!