Sunday, November 13, 2011


Because I had my first child at 32 and my last at 39, it has created a new challenge. You see, at my age I should be a grandma by now.

I really want my kids to have their college years and time to go out and live without the responsibility of having their own families. Because we all know once you have that first baby, your life is never the same. But, for me I sooooo loved having my children that I would love to be a grandma now.

The other day I was out shopping and I saw this darling aviator outfit and just could NOT pass it! Remember when girls would buy and save things for the day they got married and would save them in a "Hope Chest"? Well, after seeing this adorable outfit, I decided I would start my own "Hope Chest" but this one will be for my future grand babies.

As I was going through the little outfits I had to chuckled at myself. Then in my head I  just imagined my grand kids in heaven saying "Oh look, isn't that cute, grandma is already buying clothes for us".


  1. How cute! I like that idea, too. Never heard of a Hope Chest before. Then again, I was born in the mid-80s :P

  2. Boy,now that dates me Sarah! LOL I guess with women not wanting to only be a housewife kinda gave way to a girl doing a Hope Chest. Funny, when growing up, I didn't want to even get married. I just wanted to be an airline pilot and fly the world over. Go figure?!

  3. That jacket is too cute.....& yes let's bring back the hope chest!