Monday, April 25, 2011


Have you ever had a bad day, and I mean a BAD day. Last week, I called a friend of mine that I have known for almost 40+ yrs. Her husband had been put into ICU with a blood infection. This infection almost always ends in death. While talking to her on my cell phone, my daughter drives up and parks next to me in the parking lot, where I had just come out of the gym. As I’m trying to talk on my cell phone to my friend, my daughter is frantically trying to tell me  about my other daughter. Of course she doesn’t realize I’m talking to my friend who was fraught over the possibility of losing her husband.

As I get off the phone, my daughter agitated by what her sister was doing, wanted me to come home fast to take care of the situation. Driving home I called my sister to ask her questions about some medical terms and things I was worried about for my friend’s husband, when she informs me that our other sister claimed to have heart problems and rushed to a hospital and they had to stop and then restart her heart. Now, the sister who claimed to have a heart problem is a drama queen who is addicted to prescription drugs and will claim any illness she can in order to get more drugs. Still, it was not something I needed to hear at this moment. Oh, and I forgot to tell ya, this drama queen also said she was going to pay for her funeral in advance so it would be taken care of.

Driving up into my driveway my son is upset about my one daughter who was not where she was suppose to be, so when I drove over to go retrieve her I realized why and what she had done. Don’t get me started on that, only to say, as a mother sometimes we have to be the bad cop who has to make hard decisions on behalf of our children. We have to make correct choices for our kids until they learn to make good decisions on their own. So then I had to drive back home get my husband, and then go back over and confront the other parents to deal with the situation.

By this time I have gone to hell and back 4 times with serious issues. Finally, getting home with tears in my eyes and ready to just let the bawling begin, we find out that our niece who is only 23yrs. old,  and who was  about 8 months pregnant, had just found out her baby had died and was being induced to deliver this dead baby. My heart just completely broke for this young mother who was so excited to meet her son, only to lose him. She had everything ready to bring that baby home. She would post pictures on FB of how far along she was, little shoes and clothes she had purchased for her new baby.

After I had hung up the phone from this phone call, I just looked at my husband and said. “I have been to hell and back so many times, I think I’ll apply for frequent flyer miles.”


  1. That's a seriously bad day. Sometimes we get news like that, but hopefully not all bunched up on one day! My thoughts and prayers are with your niece. I can only imagine how difficult that must be for her.

  2. I can not believe your day, I am so sorry.
    The news about Summer broke my heart. She was so excited to bring this precious baby into the world and I was so excited for her. I only wish I could have been there to hold baby Eric. Thankfully, Wendy and her Mom were able to make it there to give her support through this difficult time.

  3. I'm so sorry. What a horrible, AWFUL day. HUGS.

  4. Terribly sad, I'm so sorry!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers...and a Hug!


  5. I am so sorry for everything. What a day. I will be thinking about you and your family

  6. Thank you, to all of you. I sure love and appreciate the kind words.

    As always in life things do get better, and we do get tougher and a bit more wrinkled and gray. But hey, life is an adventure.

  7. Oh my gosh sometimes life dishes up way to many lemons causing the lemonade to almost drown you!
    And your niece, well my heart breaks for her. I went through this situation with my cousin, twice.
    Prayers for you and your family!

  8. redkathy: that is way too cool of a saying "to many lemons....". I'll have to remember that.

  9. That is such a sad, horrible day....I am so sorry you went through this...sending prayers to you & your family.