Monday, February 21, 2011


Guess where we went this weekend?
 We decided to do a three day weekend road trip. There was to be no planning on where we were going, how long we would stay in any one place or make any plans. It was suppose to be "let's see where the wind blows us".

Now to pack for such a trip. What do you pack? The Pacific Northwest has a very diverse weather and landscape from the ocean coast, to rain forest, Mt. Rainer, desert, lakes, and rivers. This time of year we have snow, rain and sometimes even sun.

For me, who had a father as a scoutmaster, and all my flight training, I knew to pack for all scenarios and always "be prepared".  So which of these shoes do you think I packed? Huh? Yep, it was all three pairs. And I have to say it turned out that ALL of these where needed.

As always, life is an adventure, and where ever I go things happen. So come on back and I'll finish telling you the story and where we ended up going. But for now I need to unpack those shoes and get to bed.


  1. I try to explain the logic of packing (correctly as you did!) to my husband and he's finally stopped shaking his head. Stopping by to follow you back!

  2. That is toooo funny. My husband is the exact same way!!!