Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Don't Always Understand Him..... But, I Still Love Him

This morning my sweet husband decided to cook up some eggs for him and our daughter. I keep a large thing of eggs  in the refrigerator out in our garage. And then I keep a 18 count egg container in the kitchen's refrigerator. (We use a lot of eggs.)

So this morning as Darren was about to cook up some eggs, I noticed he put the box back in the fridge,with a look of dissapointment. I told him that we had more eggs in the garage fridge, so he went out and brought in the big batch of eggs. I asked that he be sure and fill the carton  of eggs up before putting it back in the fridge. He said "ok".  As I'm watching him, he filled up the 18 count container, then proceeded to take the eggs out of that same container he had just filled, to crack for his omelet. (Both of the cartons are sitting on the counter side-by-side!)
Now, I ask you. Wouldn't it make more sense to fill the smaller container, put it away. Then use the eggs from the larger container? When I questioned him, why? He just said "cause". See, for me, that is double the work. Because after he broke the four eggs out of the small container, he then had to RELOAD the darn thing again! For me this doesn't make sense, but to him it did.
This is why you could use the old saying, "Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars."

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