Monday, February 28, 2011

One Of The Many Falls At The Lake Quinalult National Recreation Area.

This just happens to be the fall where Darren fell in.

After Darren had changed, we took out and did a nature trail which had another water fall to see too. (No falling into this one.) The trail had snow and ice on it, and the bridges were completely iced over. So we only did the 1.7 mile trail.

We ate lunch at the Lake Quinault Lodge. Pres. Franklin  D. Roosevelt actually stayed at this lodge  in 1939.(I think that was the yr.)  It was because of this trip that he had this declared a "National Forrest". The lodge was beautiful, and the food was  good, but expensive. I think a hamburger was like $13.00. But it was the only place open for lunch that day. That's why I said next time we go, we will be taking our own food to stock our little kitchen, there at the Lake Quinault Resort Village.

That's another good reason to get a cabin. You can cook your own meals to help save money as opposed to the other lodge up there which just had sleeping rooms. Plus, did I tell you how immaculately clean our cabin was, and how we soooo enjoyed our stay. For just stumbling into this place, we sure lucked out.We found out by talking to Julie at the office/store, that this place was owned by three brother's by the name of Morrison's. Two of the brother's take care of the business end, and one takes care of the maintenance. Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed. They even had daily maid service! (We've stayed at cabin's where you don't get it each day.)

So just in case you need that website again to the Lake Quinault Rain Resort Village

Before we lost sunlight we took the drive around the lake. Some of the road is paved and the other half is not. This area has some of the most awesome sights you'll see. It's funny because you're in this rain forest and yet it has snow, barren trees, then the trees that looked like you expected to be in a rain forest.

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