Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Continuing up the coast we decided to go to Ocean Shores. Here you can actually drive on the ocean shoreline.  You had the waves rushing up to you as you drive along. We saw where you could rent horses to ride along the beach. People were riding mopeds up and down the beach too. Hundreds of cars, RV's, and camp trailers were parked and people were setting up camp for the weekend right on the sandy beach itself!

The sun was shining with clear blue skies and kids were running and playing in the sand. Beautiful bright colorful kites of all shapes and sizes were whipping in the windy sky.

"I want to ride a horse on the beach", I squeal. My husband's says "Me too". Our youngest daughter informs us she only wants to "pet" a horse. And our other daughter is like "I don't want to do any of that, I have to keep myself injury free, for the military".
There was an anonymous vote to rent mopeds and do the touristy thing, like riding them down the beach and back. Because of the time of day, we decided to go get our hotel room first, and then go out and have some fun.

We went to three different hotels. NO VACANCY. At the last place, the front desk was turning away so many people that they had actually called a 25 mile radius to find anything open or available. Nothing. They suggested maybe we go over to Lake Quinault and see if they had anything. It was an hour away! Turns out that this weekend was not only Presidents Day Holiday, it was also some big clam digging event.
Totally disappointed, we knew we would figure out something to do over at  "Lake Quinalut". Besides, we where on an adventure and our plans had no plans.

As we are approaching this place we realized it was part of the rain forest. My goodness it was so spectacular. Even in Feb. Darren had called ahead to the Rain Forrest Resort Village and found the last cabin available and we took it.

As we drove up, tired from driving all day, hungry, we walked into the store where you check in and were greeted by the most welcoming woman you'll ever meet. Her name was Julie, she was so informative and gave us all kids of maps of the different trails to hike. We asked her alot of questions about the area and she was so sweet answering all of them.

 When we opened our cabin door, the fireplace was already on welcoming us. This place was the best surprise of a great adventure you could ask for. We suddenly were not tired at all. And there was much we wanted to do. 

 We had a two bedroom cabin. Look how nice these beds are! 


Tomorrow, I'll show more pictures and of course another moment in our trip that will tickle you. Because, we all know that wherever we go things happen!


  1. I don't think I could ever do that - go on a road trip without knowing where I'm going. But so far, sounds like yours was a success despite the pitfalls. And it looks like it was a blessing that you couldn't find a place to stay in Ocean Shores: the Rain Forest Resort Village looks fancy :)

    We used to go to Ocean Shores every Mid-Winter Break (which at the time I thought was President's Week Break because it was the week of President's Day). We stayed at the Best Western, right on the shore. One thing I remember most about going was that my brothers (and sometimes me) would fly kites. We always had a great week.

  2. I want to go there! How far is it from Seattle?

  3. I am soo jealous of this trip you are taking! Thank you so so much for the comment you left me! So sweet. I think we should sooo be bloggy buddies!

  4. Sandra, Thanks for asking about the distance. I actually put that in my next blog, thanks to you. From Seattle it is about 3, to 3 and a half hrs. I put their website on the blog for you too.