Monday, January 31, 2011

Wire Tree to Hold Alot of Love


Tree Bloomin' with Love

Tree Blooming with Love

Wire cutters
Low gauge silver wire (or color of your choice), 22 ml
Wire cutters
Balsa wood
Double stick tape
Red heavy-weight paper
Black marker
I used my thrift store find for the base of my tree.

Using low gauge wire (22 ml), measure a 16" length. Do not cut. Instead spool out more wire approx 15 - 18" lengths until you have a bundle that is the thickness of your ring finger.

Twist the middle portion of the wire to form the tree trunk. Next, have an adult clip the ends of the wires using a wire cutter.

separate the top and bottom wires into at least five sections. The top section will become the branches and the bottom the roots. Twist each section and then separate again and twist and separate on until the end of the wire. Use this method for both the top and bottom sections.

Attach your tree to the rock by looping the "root" wires around it and twisting them to each other to secure the tree in place.

Cut a 1" strip of balsa wood. Using a push pin, make a hole at either end to slip a piece of wire through. Hang it from a branch so that it can swing. I just used a piece of cardboard covered with a pretty piece of green paper.

Cut out a heart and write someone's initials in the middle. Glue the heart to the tree as though you carved the initials there. Ta-da!

Click on here and it will take you to the video on how to make one.


  1. Hello Marjory!
    What a really good idea! Unfortunately Hubby is just not romantic in any shape way or form. I still like the idea though.
    I've been remiss in not visiting you. I'm really very sorry. I've somehow got so busy that I got a backlog and when I did visit I didn't leave a comment. Anyway, I am back to catch up today and see what I have been missing out on.
    By the way with regards to your flying, Hubby flies fixed wing too. He's completely passionate about it. He says you're either a fixed wing person or rotor blade - you can't be both. Have you flown long?
    Right I'm off to read your last few posts now before lunch.
    Warmest wishes from a slightly sunny UK - goodness maybe Spring is on its way at last!

  2. That is super cute! I want one :D Hope your having a great day Marjory :D

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following back. I love the Valentine tree idea! Super cute!

  4. very cool!!! i am so sending the directions to my crafty sister to make me one! LOL

    following you from yesterday's blog hop! Hope you can stop by:

  5. This is so cool! thanks for visiting my blog and your comments!! I am now following you back.

  6. Very cool how you used wire to make the tree! It looks so festive! Is that an angel swinging in the branch? Thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty With It!

  7. Yes, it is an angel. I made a swing and it looked empty, so I put my little angle in it. She is a sweet little angel too.

  8. Hey, that is a great idea! I may have to get on an easter tree with this idea. OK?