Saturday, September 11, 2010


 Fifth Day was a trip for me to this valley which is one of the last of the places that time has not erased. It was  1,875 acres that has remained intact for some 700 yrs.!  At the end of this UP-HILL hike was this wonderful waterfall. The bad part was I didn't know how much hiking this place was, so I wore my sandals. Because it was all up-hill  my toes had to grip hard to hold on to my shoes. When I got back down the hill my toes were raw! All the skin had been rubbed off. So for the rest of our stay I had band aids on each of my toes.

Darren, and the kids rented Kayaks and started at the entrance off the ocean, that went back up into a jungle like river for the day. They had a great time. Of course, both girls took a spill overboard! They also said they had alot of spiders falling down from the vines that they were going under.
 Sun burnt and happy, we all returned back to our beach house safely.

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