Sunday, August 8, 2010


  Sat. my husband and I took our 18 yr. old daughter fishing. We found this really cute little lake where you could rent boats to go out fishing in. We get out to the middle of the lake and my daughter and I drop our lines out to do some trolling. I of course, caught  the first fish. Yeah!!!! But, it really wasn't big enough to fry, so we just released it back into the lake to swim off, and grow up a bit more. After about 2 hrs of fishing my daughter caught one about 15 lbs. maybe 4 feet long. Yep. When she went to real in her catch our little trolling motor stopped. Can you guess? Yeah that's right, this is how fishing stories get going. Katie's line got tangled up in the motor! My hubby had to pull the motor out of the water, notice the pic. You can see her fishing lure attached into the blade. It was the biggest catch of the day.

If you look closely at the pic with my fish, you'll see it is also raining on us too. No sissies here! The only problem then was, we had NO motor to get back to the OTHER END of the lake to get to the boat dock. So my husband starts rowing us back. He was doing so well, I cast my line out and started trolling again. By this time it was really raining hard and we were starting to get wet all the way through our clothes and it was getting cold. Finally my sweet husband's pride gave in and we used our cell phone and called the boat rental place to come rescue us. They actually just brought a new trolling motor and replaced our broken one. Wet and cold I wasn't about to waste fishing time, so I once again casted out my line all the way back to the dock. But not one more nibble came my way.

More of the story to follow, so come back and see!

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