Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Blast from the past. One year the church we attended, had the kids make these   ties. My husband wore BOTH of the ties on Father's Day! The kids loved it.The following year my husband wore them again! It made our kids feel so proud.   These ties have been in our closet for about 10 yrs.now, and my husband loves them. This is a "timeless" gift.

Each child was given a tie. Then they could decorate their tie with anything they wanted from a selection of items on the craft table. If you can tell, the tie on the left has green pipe cleaners bent into the letters to spell DAD. It also has a red pipe cleaner shaped into a football goal post. Then look closer and you can see a little football going though it. The tie on the right has all kinds of stick-ons  of sports equipment. These are the cutest ties ever!

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