Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer reading with the kids

 Start the library reading program. Make it an everyday thing. Read to the little ones, or you could read a book to all the kids, or they may be old enough to be reading on their own. Check to see what the library has for the kids to do for summer also. Like when guest come to do puppet shows, or story telling. Teenage groups like chess, D&D, etc. These are usually free. Put these into your summer calendar of events to do.

At the end of the book they, or you have read to them. Have them write their favorite thing about that book, then draw a picture or some kind of art work of that scene. This is where the brown paper bags come in handy, be sure and cut it square for them. Then after they write their “report,” you can add it to the bottom of the picture or attach it to the back of the picture. One fun thing to do is for the name of the book to be put at the top of this page. You can also buy paper now that allows children to color on the top of the page, and then has lines on the bottom half of the paper. I’ve seen these at the Dollar store also. These pages of their drawings and writing will be such sweet memories years later for you moms.

Reading time only has to be 15 minutes or longer depending on the age of the kids.

At the end of the summer be sure and bind each childs book reports together. Makes a great memory for you and for them.

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  1. Following you from social parades friday blog hop. There are good tips. I read to my kids before bed every night. They enjoy that.