Friday, April 2, 2010


Darren, my husband. Katie, one of my daughters and I went down to Mexico on a 10 day excursion with a group of high school kids from AZ. My husband was asked to go as a chaperone because he speaks fluent spanish.

One of the places we went was a water park
called Xelha, where you could swim with dolpins, snorkel, take hikes, dive off of cliffs, etc. you know just the normal everyday things.

Excited to go snorkeling, we grabbed our gear and set off to see those really big pretty fish down under. I helped my husband and Katie get on their gear and told them to go on. I would catch up with them as soon as I was ready.

Being a red head,
I slathered myself really well with waterproof 45 spf lotion so I wouldn't get burnt. I put on my life jacket, fins, mask, then pushed off the dock to meet up with Darren and Katie.

As I pushed off, I placed the airpiece into my mouth. INSTANTLY my lips started burning,blistering, and swelling up like a BLOW FISH!!! Floating face down in the water I'm thinking to myself this can't be happening. Now What? So I thought, I'll just take out the mouth piece, hold my breath, then just lift my head out of the water to catch another breath. Thinking,even with my big ligs I could still enjoy time snorkeling.

Not thinking to smartly, I PULL the darn mouth piece out of my mouth, forgeting the airtube was attached to my mask! When I pulled the tube up it pulled the darn mask off my face. Sea water then quickly filled the mask. Then I had salty seawater burning my eyes! I began to rub my eyes. But guess what? Yeah, of course my sunblock spf 45 was now also rubbed into my eyes.

Now I have swoolen fish blow lips, salt and sunblock in my eyes. So I flipped over onto my back.(Thank goodness I had on a life jacket or I would probally have downed by this time.) I'm floating there unable to see, and no Darren or Katie to help. Maybe, this is one of the reasons they say to never swim alone. They must of known me. HaHa, no really!

When I realized "I'm doomed" I turned around still on my back and paddeled my way back over to the dock.I Got out,found the ladies locker room where I was able to rinse out my poor miserable eyes.

The great thing about this park, was the floating bridge. The water was so clear I could actually sit and watch the fish swim under me.

Yes, I still had a great time. Yes, my lips went back to normal. And yes, I am going to go snokeling again. In fact, I just went to Costco and bought my own snorkeling gear to take to Hawaii. This plastic airpiece and I are going to be spending some time together testing our compatiblity.

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